Team Issue Modular Bearing Press

  • Team Issue Modular Bearing Press

Team Issue Modular Bearing Press


This press is the backbone of any modern shop. Bearing related work is becoming more and more common on modern bikes and no shop, professional or amature should pass over these tools. The Modular bearing press starts with the press head. Where most manufactures just have a glorified nut we went further by adding a massive thrust bearing. Not a wimpy little plastic washer either, an actual bearing with balls and races. What this means is that the pressing action is almost completely isolated from the torque, creating a super smooth pressing action that requires noticeably less effort. The Team Issue press ditches the handles in favor of our signature finger spline grip pattern. For those times when things are fitting a little too tight and you don't have the means to correct it, there is a 6mm hex in the top so you can use an allen key for a little extra leverage. We use a 1/2" acme thread for our press shaft, which means a more robust thread and less turning due to it's coarser thread. It also means we have a single diameter to work with and can size our drifts to this dimension, this means your bearings are more likely to go in straight. At the other end of the press is our new Quick Nut. This simple part allows you to slide the nut over the press shaft to the desired location and then click it into place and press away. No endless turning, no pinch hazard and no wasted time. Be aware, the quick nut does require a few uses to fully break in.

The Team Issue Press keeps the Quick Nut from the big press, a sweet little nut that allows you to slide it on and then click it into place on the thread. Way faster, no pinch hazard and secure.

Kit includes a complete handless press head, 12" press shaft, quick nut and the following drifts:

Made in Bend Oregon. 
  • PF30/1.125" headset

  • 24mm bottom bracket drifts, for shimano compatible bottom brackets

  • 22mm bottom bracket drift, single drift for non drive GXP bottom bracket

  • 28.9mm bottom bracket drift, for SRAM DUB 

  • 6806 drift for BB30 bottom brackets

  • 1.5" headset drift

  • centering cone

Additional drifts are on the bearing page and longer press shafts along with service parts are available on the parts page.

We always recommend installing bearings one at a time to ensure they go in straight and don't damage the bearings, components or the tools. Use the centering cone in the empty side of the hub/frame/linkage to keep the press concentric with the bore.