Team Issue Pedal Wrench

  • Team Issue Pedal Wrench

Team Issue Pedal Wrench


With many pedal manufactures going away from the 15mm wrench flats the traditional pedal wrench is becoming obsolete. To further complicate things some manufactures require both 6 and 8 millimeter within their product range. This means it's hard to know exactly what tool to grab for pedal removal or installation. Enter the Abbey BBQ pedal wrench. With the once standard 15mm box end on one end and a custom 6 and 8  millimeter hex swivel bit on the opposite end it's the only pedal wrench you'll ever need. Perfect to keep at the fit station, on the sales floor, on top of the pedal box in the neutral car and certainly at the tool bench.  

The Team Issue pedal wrench is something that we have been custom making for our sponsored mechanics for a few years. Now they are available in limited quantities to the tool buying public. These tools have five big pockets of material removed to drop the weight from 434 grams to 286! This turns it into a great travel tool for cyclists or mechanics that don't want to sacrifice usability for weight savings.  While we are confident this tool has great durability in normal conditions it is not recommended for seized or abused equipment. 

 Made in Bend Oregon.