The RockShox series of tools is a collaboration to support the specialized skillset of suspension service with high quality and precision tools. We set out to build tools that were ideally suited to the RockShox range of suspension forks, shocks and dropper posts. These tools are all manufactured at Abbey Bike Tools in Bend, Oregon and are available in black through SRAMNATION or Abbey green here on our site. 

  • Reverb Wrench

  • Charger Damper Wrench

  • Charger Damper 2 Wrench

  • 24mm RockShox Top Cap Socket

  • 30mm RockShox Top Cap Socket

  • Top Cap/Cassette Socket

  • Bushing Tool

  • The box end wrenches for Charger, Charger 2 and Reverb are a set of tools specifically for those components and their non-standard tool interfaces. The Charger wrenches are designed for the coupler and lower seal heads giving a precision fit to avoid damage during service. The Reverb wrench is build for the 4 sided upper bushing and lower seal head. They all feature a 3/8" square drive in the center for using a torque wrench during reassembly.

    The top cap sockets are from our standard catalog of tools. They are available in 24 and 30 millimeter sizes specific to RockShox forks. These sockets feature a tighter fit than a standard socket to ensure top caps don't get damaged when tuning tokens or servicing the fork.  

    The Seal Press Driver is a modular system that utilizes an aluminum and stainless handle with threaded Delrin drivers for various different fork dust wipers. The drivers locate in the upper bushing in the fork to make installing the modern flange less wipers trouble free. 

    The DU bushing tool is a great compact way to install or remove the bushings in your RockShox rear shock.