Bottom Bracket Socket- BSA30


With the popularity of 30 milliliter crank spindles growing, some manufactures have come up with solutions to mount these modern cranks into a traditional threaded shell. The system is commonly known as BSA-30 and is available from a handful of manufactures. Our tool for these threaded cups is machined from a 7075 billet just like our other sockets and features an excellent fit to avoid marring the cups. Durable enough for heavy shop use. It is engraved with torque specs and uses a 3/8" square drive. There is a side for the 12 notch cups that are used by Race Face, Rotor, and Zipp. The reverse side is a 16 notch for use with FSA 386-EVO cups and some Wheels Mfg cups. They are not compatible with Torque Tite, Praxis or Hope

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