Team Issue Toolbox - No Abbey Tools

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  • Team Issue Toolbox - No Abbey Tools

Team Issue Toolbox - No Abbey Tools

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This is the same setup as our Team Issue Toolbox minus the Abbey Bike Tools. Many of our customers have most if not all of the Abbey tools in the complete Team Issue Toolbox so we offer a version without the Abbey tools. 

Refer to Team Issue Toolbox for the full details. 

This product typically ships 7 days after ordering. Leave a note at checkout with your custom engraving request. 


Included in this kit:

Abbey Bike Tools:

  • No Abbey Tools in this kit


  • Diagonal Flush Cutters 
  • Pliers Wrench
  • Cable Cutter
  • Needle Nose 


  • 9 piece Hex Plus Set With Ball End 
  • 1mm  flat blade  Screw Driver 
  • #2 Phillips Screw Driver 
  • 9pcs Ball End Torx Set 
  • 2.0mm Hex Plus Driver 
  • 3.0mm Hex Plus Driver 


  • Pelican case #iM2200 
  • Pelican 1920 Flashlight
  • Klein Scissors  
  • Plano Box 
  • Starrett Tape Measure in/cm

Size: 16.2 x 12.7 x 6.6 inches, 41.1 x 32.3 x 16.8cm

Weight: 18lbs, 8.16kg