Bearing Removal Set

  • Bearing Removal Set

Bearing Removal Set


We get questions regularly for bearing removal tools and they are finally here. Best part, there's no hammers involved! 

When cartridge bearings became common in bicycles in the mid 90's they didn't come with tools to service them. It feels like for at least a decade we were installing bearings with a random socket that was close to the right size and removing them with a hammer and a punch. Over the years tools have gotten better and now we have another big step forward in bearing removal.  

The removers use an expanding cone that goes behind the bearing and allows you to remove it while tightening the nut. This pulls the bearing into the black cup smoothly with minimal effort. No hammers, no punches, most importantly no damage to your parts. Be sure to watch the video instructions to see how to use this tool properly. 

  • Compatible with bearing Inside Diameters (ID) from 12 to 20 millimeters.
  • Compatible with Bearing Outside Diameters from 24 to 37 millimeters.
  • Commonly used for hubs and suspension linkage bearings.

These removers started life as a Noble Tools item and when they closed down in 2023 we acquired the design and putting them back into production. The design is unchanged and parts are backwards compatible with tools made by Noble. 

Designed by Noble Tools, London England. Made in Bend Oregon, USA