Geiszler Truing Stand Adaptor

  • Geiszler Truing Stand Adaptor

Geiszler Truing Stand Adaptor


This little gem of a tool is named after a friend of mine, Josh Geiszler. Josh got his start building wheels for Williams so it's fitting to name it after him. The Geiszler is a stepped adapter designed to work with every thru-axle fitment currently on the market: 12X142, 12X150, 15X100, 20X110, Lefty and 24 Maverick. The tool will allow precision dishing without removal, a notable time saver when wheel building. The Geiszler can be bolted into the hub with the included stud for serious wheel work. It can also be slipped into place for minor adjustments and retained by the compression of the truing stand.  This simple tool eliminates clutter around your truing stand and keeps you from searching for the right adapter. As with all Abbey tools, this product is made in Bend, Oregon.

 Bolts and washers for use with single armed wheel stands are available upon request, for free even. 

Made in Bend Oregon.