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Fit Kit


Many athletes are fortunate enough to be able to ride nearly anything. For those that are sensitive to bike fit though, replicating fit to a new bike or confirming fit after travel can be a challenge involving lots of trial and error. Check out the youtube video for a detailed explanation of how the tool works or keep reading below.

This set of tools allows accurate and repeatable measurements for saddle height, angle and setback. The accuracy and repeatable measurements also serve as a base to make adjustments to fit.

  • The magnetic saddle height bullets (8mm and 10mm sizes) ensure you get an accurate center at the bottom bracket by locating in the crank arm fixing bolt or the crank arm preload cap of Shimano caps. This allows you to focus on the smart end of the tape measure at the saddle plate.
  • Two reference marks on the saddle plate means you can pull a measurement to the exact same spot relative to the nose of the saddle every time. This gives you accuracy down to a single millimeter, enough to satisfy the most particular or injury prone athlete.
  • The front of the saddle plate is engraved with a ruler (metric of course) to allow you to calculate saddle setback at the saddle. This allows you to drop the plumb bob off the side of the bike and clear all of the bottle cages.
  • The wide plate has ample room to mount a level, protractor or smart phone for adjusting the angle of the saddle. This is particularly helpful for non traditional saddles like SMP and Adamo. This kit is ideal for cyclists that travel and regularly have to re-assemble their bike, bike fitters and mechanics in the workshop and in the field. 

 The complete kit includes the saddle plate, Shimano preload crank tool, two saddle height bullets (8mm and 10mm). The Shimano preload crank tool and saddle height bullets can be purchased separately. 

Made in Bend Oregon.