Harbor Dishing Gauge

  • Harbor Dishing Gauge

Harbor Dishing Gauge


There's a lot of simple and cheap ways to dish wheels but where's the fun in that? Our new Harbor Gauge is simple, quick to use and offers all the modern compatibility you need. 

The Harbor gauge, a gorgeous gem of a dishing instrument. These dishing gauges are fully machined from big billets of aluminum to a final shape and accuracy that's as nice to use as it is to look at. Compatible with wheels from 20-29 inches and all hub combinations. Stand off feet are included for checking dish with the tire in place, even the big fat ones. The gauge uses a unique spring loaded mechanism to drop the plunger. Press that little brass button on the front and the plunger will drop to the face of the hub. No archaic time sucking threaded indicators here!

Perhaps the best thing about the Harbor Gauge is the story behind it. The tool started as a computer model like most of our tools but that's as far as it went for a couple of years, until one fateful email from the other side of the world. Tracy Rome contacted us to inquire about a surprise birthday present for her husband Dave's upcoming 30th birthday. Apparently she forgot it the year before and wanted to make the pending day something to remember. So after some secret spy photos of Dave's existing tool collection we pitched her what would become known as the Harbor Gauge. We built that first prototype and commissioned a custom walnut case for it and shipped it to Sydney where the Rome's live. It was one special morning to get a bespoke tool from your favorite bike tool company. At the time it was one of a kind and is a standout favorite in a rather extensive tool collection. Dave said the tool resembles the famed Harbor Bridge in Sydney and that's where the name comes from. 

Made in Bend Oregon.