Whip-It Track Chain Whip

  • Whip-It Track Chain Whip

Whip-It Track Chain Whip


We made these monster chain whips at the request of some of our long time customers who were working the world cup track circuit. When a world class sprinter stands on the pedals of their track bike it taxes everything between the sole of their shoe and the tire. This means that tiny little track cog is threaded onto the hub as if He-Man put it on. We've lengthened these track whips out to a massive 17"/432mm, made a reinforced tange specifically for the 1/8" chain and put them together with stainless aircraft rivets. It adds up to a bomber whip worthy of the fastest men and women in the world.

Not for use on multi geared bikes. Single Speed 1/8" only.

Made in Bend Oregon.