Whip-It Chain Whip

  • Whip-It Chain Whip

Whip-It Chain Whip


A chain whip is a pretty simple tool, but the Whip-It maximizes function and simplicity. The Whip-It is made from a 12" length of stainless steel to give you enough leverage to loosen even the most stubborn cassettes. The Whip-it's round handle provides comfort surpassing other flat bar style chain whips on the market. The icing on the cake is that Abbey's signature tool, the Crombie(sold separately)stores inside the handle of the Whip-It! This means the two tools you use together, get stored together, and travel together, giving you less clutter in your tool box. 

The Whip-It comes in two versions, one for the 1/2" handle for all Crombies that Abbey makes as of January 2020, this version also works for dual sided and team issue before January 2020. There is also a version for the older 3/8 handle single sided chain whips which were sold prior to January 2020. 


Our whips use 10spd chain and are compatible from 7-13 speed cassettes from all major manufactures. 

Made in Bend Oregon.